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A pebbly beach, a cliff and a basin of hot water that flows out of the sea: the Bagnitiello spring is a small paradise at the gateway to Casamicciola Terme. Like many places on the island of Ischia, Bagnitiello is also associated with a legend. The story goes that one day Icmeno, son of the nymph Euplea, loitered on the shore for too long and became stranded in the water. His shouts and cries served no purpose. No one seemed to hear him. And so Jove, moved to compassion, intervened to comfort him. Icmeno’s limbs dissolved in the water and created a spring whose waters are renowned for soothing the disorders suffered by the hard of hearing.
These properties also seem to be confirmed by history. Bagnitiello was apparently a popular destination for the peasants and master potters who once worked on the hills opposite the entrance to our hotel. Their long exposure to the heat of the furnaces caused ringing in their ears and temporary deafness, which they treated by immersing their ears in the water of the basin.
We have been awaiting you here at the Hotel Bagnitiello for over fifty years. You can enjoy the use of two warm water pools with adjacent seating, sun loungers and parasols in our panoramic garden. What is more, our hotel is immediately above a hydrotherapy park with a number of pools and direct descent to the sea. Our guests have access to the park paying a small variable price surcharge depending on the season

panoramica piscina
solarium sul mare
piscina bagnitiello sul mare a ischia
piscina con solarium
piscina bagnitiello sul mare a ischia

Spend enchanting days by the sea, in a corner of paradise

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